Emily is a tattoo artist at Black Sacrament and the youngest in our family of talented ladies!

 She loves doing color tattoos and has always had a passion to create, boasting a diverse portfolio showing her talents in many different artistic mediums!

   Emily was born and raised in California and moved to Vegas in her preteen years for a better life; always working on her craft since she was a child drawing, and painting. Friends and family were always there to support and inspire the young artist to strive to better herself and her work. She worked tirelessly to make her dream happen and it did!

        She began her tattoo career working as an apprentice in 2017 at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Downtown Las Vegas. This first taste of the tattoo industry motivated Emily, even more, to really go and branch out to different styles of art which helped her talents grow and further her career. She’s willing to really connect with clients and make your dreams happen with beautiful pieces of work. Her unique artistic style makes her an excellent choice for all of your custom tattoo needs! 

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