Jasmine, or Minty as she's known in the industry, is a Vegas-bred artist at Black Sacrament Tattoo.

      Born in Southern California, she moved out to Las Vegas, Nevada at a young age. Growing up in a family of athletes, including eight siblings, she was always the odd ball out. Art was the passion, and she was on the pursuit of greatness.

     Her career started in 2013, when she volunteered herself as the guinea pig of her apprenticeship under Chris Storm. Five years and counting, Minty is now a well-established artist in the Las Vegas Valley. Ask around and you will be told of her vivid watercolors and extremely detailed fine line work. Many individuals wear her original pieces proudly in the streets of Sin City, including video game and anime-inspired art.

      She is our go-to artist for animal skulls and all things creepy. But it doesn't stop there, Minty is constantly learning and growing in her craft and she strives to make everyone's tattoo dream happen.

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