Jordan is the owner of Black Sacrament Tattoo and has been a tattoo artist for 6 years.

     For her first 22 years, she lived 6,000 feet above the ground in a small mountain town called Running Springs, California and dreamed of tattooing since the age of 15. Jordan apprenticed under Jesse Rooker and worked in San Bernardino for the first 3 years of her tattoo career. During this time she attended San Bernardino Valley College and graduated with an Associates in Art as well as an Associates in Arts and Humanities with Emphasis in Fine Art. Just after graduation, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of something new. She quickly gained a reputation as a quality artist in Sin City and a long list of loyal clientele. 

     Working in a shop that relied more on walk-in traffic has left Jordan capable of tattooing a wide range of styles. People often praise her attention to detail and solid application of color, and she is quite proficient at cover-up tattoos. She finds the most joy in tattooing all things color but particularly favors anything considered weird or nerdy to most: including surrealism, comic books, anime, and cartoons.

      Jordan's goal for her tattoo career is to learn and become exceptional at color realism tattoos and never have to turn down a tattoo challenge.

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