Courtney, also known as “Pippy”, is a versatile and well-rounded artist at Black Sacrament Tattoo.

      But don't let her age fool you! With an eye for art and a little motivation from her father, Pippy successfully was able to enter a shop and begin the process of becoming an artist under the watchful eyes of Mikey Kool at just 17 years old! At 18 she was officially licensed and started working working working! Now after 4 years she continues to push herself to grow and expand purely believing the phrase “practice makes perfect”.

    Jumping around from style to style Pippy loves to tackle: Cover-ups, stipple, micro, and neo-traditional style tattoos. But like all of our artists, she is always up for a challenge.

      She is a huge enthusiast about client appreciation and working with the community- whether it be Deaf events or #VegasStrong deals you know she’s always doing something. She is also one of the few tattoo artists in Las Vegas that knows ASL and is big on colliding the tattoo industry and deaf community together.

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