Meet the Sisters

See the Work of Our Amazing Female Tattoo Artists

Black Sacrament Tattoo is one of the only shops in Las Vegas with a crew of all female artists. Our ladies offer their own unique tattoo styles and can tattoo almost anything that walks through the door. Each artist has been trained by tattooers considered local favorites in both Las Vegas and Southern California and will give you the best quality tattoo without breaking the bank.



Jordan specializes in full-color, illustrative tattoos

with lots of detail!

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  • California Tattoo Artist in Vegas

Tattoo Artist

Pippy specializes in stipple-shading and neo-traditional tattoos!

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Tattoo Artist

Minty specializes in watercolor, anime and various fine-line style tattoos!

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Tattoo Artist

Lexi specializes in bold, black and grey, traditional tattoos with a unique twist!

  • Traditional Tattoo Artist in Vegas

Tattoo Apprentice

Kat is just starting her tattooing journey and will soon figure out what she excels at!

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  • canadian Tattoo Artist in Vegas

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